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Photo by Sebastian Unrau

Seadregor Mageblood

Seadregor Mageblood. The name drew puzzled expressions from strangers everywhere he travelled. Yet his face remained

10 Aug
Photo by Elmarie van Rooyen

Darkness Before Light

A boy with a parrot on his shoulder was walking along the railway tracks. Before he found himself in this strange place he

06 Aug
Photo by Gilles Lambert

Future Mobile

While it might fall under the purview of invasion of privacy, I wish my phone could read my mind or at the very least

30 Jul

Dark Season 2

When Dark Season 1 first came out on Netflix in 2017 I was expecting it to be a slightly darker version of Stranger Things.

01 Jul
Photo by Mayur Gala

One Love

In the end, she was the only one, Because before her there were none, The first time I laid my eyes on her, Even the colour

28 Jun
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The first time I became familiar with the Chernobyl incident was the year 2007, the much-anticipated game Stalker: Shadow of

13 Jun

Black Mirror Season 5

Bandersnatch the interactive episode was the last Black Mirror content that was released before this season. While it was an

11 Jun
Photo by Jonathan Velasquez

Blackout Podcast

I will admit that when I first read about this podcast on The Verge article what caught my attention was Rami Malek’s

21 May