My Decade

Even the most optimistic of optimists would agree it has been a terrible year. Considering what others have gone through I

26 Jul
Photo by Kristin Brown

Tech Savvy Toddlers

I see so many videos of toddlers watching content on the TV or the phone. They don’t just watch the said content with

10 Jul
Photo by Kurt Cotoaga

Watching Them Grow Up

This post might seem strange coming from the father of a kid who is barely two. But I don’t have to wait for my son to

08 Jun
Photo by Glen Carrie

Lockdown Effects

It’s been a strange and difficult time for all of us. There have been the predictable outcomes like struggles with

03 Apr

Post Office Blues

I had stopped at signal at a place I don’t usually pass through. Maybe it was a slow Sunday or I was just in a frame of

28 Dec
Photo by Simon Noh

The Price of Digital

While this post is written from an Indian perspective some of it applies irrespective of where in the world you are. I was

18 Feb
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I don’t read any particular comics regularly, aside from a very special one called Dilbert. Creator Scott Adams insight into

30 Jan

Remembering Grandfather

For most children who grew up in India in the 20th century, their grandparents were always a huge part of their lives. Since

24 Feb
Photo by Frankie K.

Dreams: An Introduction

Dreams are a writer’s best plot generators. While dreams or nightmares are often influenced by our waking activities like our

28 Nov