Tales From The Loop

Tales From The Loop is an 8 part sci fi series based on the art books by artist Simon Stålenhag. It’s hard to explain

21 May

The Office

The Office was one of those shows that I heard a lot of my colleagues talking about over the years, but one that I never got

27 Dec

Dark Season 2

When Dark Season 1 first came out on Netflix in 2017 I was expecting it to be a slightly darker version of Stranger Things.

01 Jul
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The first time I became familiar with the Chernobyl incident was the year 2007, the much-anticipated game Stalker: Shadow of

13 Jun

Black Mirror Season 5

Bandersnatch the interactive episode was the last Black Mirror content that was released before this season. While it was an

11 Jun

Young Sheldon

Despite what many people feel about The Big Bang Theory, it still has the highest viewership among sitcoms even today. Young

26 Jan

This Is Us

A scripted family drama was not something I thought I would ever find myself watching. I began watching This is Us somewhere

07 Jan