Future Mobile

While it might fall under the purview of invasion of privacy, I wish my phone could read my mind or at the very least understand my intent. Tapping the screen incessantly for even basic interactions feels too wasteful for me to do, all of the time. If it could just detect where my eyes were glancing and tap with the blink of my eye that would be just perfect

Name one thing you wish your cell phone did for you that it currently does not.

One Love

In the end, she was the only one,

Because before her there were none,

The first time I laid my eyes on her,

Even the colour of her dress I failed to remember,

Many days passed by and I heard nothing,

Then she called and I knew there was something,

As our conversations got longer and longer,

I knew a year later, she was to be my forever

Based on the writing prompt

If you wrote a song about your love life, what would the title be? Write the first verse

Top 10 Bucket List

Spend a few days relaxing in a remote European fishing village.

I don’t eat fish. It’s just the way I always thought of the ideal European village.

body of water near houses and mountains


Seeing a real live dinosaur assuming resurrection happens

Publish a book

Visit Alaska

Take a swim in the Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool

See the source image

Ride the Trans Siberian Rail route

See the source image

See the Aurora Borealis

Visit every theme park in the world

Retire to a life of reading books

I Fell Down A Rabbit Hole

If you fell down a rabbit hole, what do you think you’d find?

I found myself falling further and further until I landed with a thud on a bed. I looked up to see a little boy staring at me with a blank expression. I looked up. Apparently I fallen through some kind of a chimney. Why was it above a bed?

Far beneath the earth’s surface, further than we have ever tried to go there seems to exists an undergroud version of our world. How do they manage to survive here? Do they get their air via the rabbit holes extending all the way to the earth’s surface. Do the rabbits and underhumans as I have chosen to call them, co-operate to ensure each other’s survival?

The rabbit bring them air via their tunnels while the underhumans ensure that they have a steady supply of carrots.

Message In A Bottle

If you have found this message and bothered to read it in its entirety, then you and I both believe in serendipity. This message does not reveal an extraordinary secret from the past or a clue to the future. All it is is a message in a bottle. An ordinary message. It’s the fact that you found it, that is extraordinary. All I ask of you is to write your own message and pass it on to the one who will find this same bottle. We may have passed on by then. We will always, however, be connected by our words until the very end of time.