When you search for a famous European city online, the first images that pop up on your screen usually make one hell of an impression. Sometimes you might visit the said city for a few days and the impression might hold up. But impressions are fleeting. You can tell people how you felt on the days that you spent there. Nothing more, nothing less.

To truly have lived and breathed and felt the beating pulse of a new city I would say a year is a reasonable time limit. It has been more than half a year since I moved with my wife and son to Prague. I have colleagues who moved to places in Europe much earlier in their life journeys than I did, and my impressions of Europe would have differed quite a bit if I had experienced life here a decade ago.

Prague is terms of size is smaller than the city where I spent most of my life. Yet it seems so much more breath-taking in terms of what the city can offer you. Being the capital of a country comes with its perks for sure. The best experiences that the country can offer you in terms of the past, present and future are sure to be found in the capital.

I originally wanted to write a single post encompassing all the distinct aspects of living here but that would mean this post not seeing the light of day for several months. So, I decided to structure it broadly across these primary categories. The city, the people, the food and the expat experience.

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