About Me

I’m an IT engineer by education (accidental). Game Designer by profession. I love going places even though I can rarely afford to. I’m happily married. Father of an energetic toddler. I’m addicted to TV shows. I write occasionally. I’m a Microsoft fan. Most importantly I’m crazy about dinosaurs.

πŸ’Ό Portfolio

I’ve worked on several games for more than a decade now.

πŸ“„ Resume

A copy of my latest resume updated for viewing

πŸ“œ Stories

I write short stories sometimes to indulge my creative urges

Latest Blog Posts

Dream Guests

Dreams are one of life’s most important biological phenomenon. I am here, not referring to the metaphorical dreams like β€œI want to be a millionaire…

πŸ“’ The Diaries of Mario Miranda

I first stumbled upon the work of Mario Miranda at the beautiful Reis Magos fort in Goa. At the art gallery I found myself in…

🚚 Truck De India

Journalist Rajat Ubhaykar’s book describing his journey to the extremes of India via trucks is one of the best books I read this year. Even…

My Decade

Even the most optimistic of optimists would agree it has been a terrible year. Considering what others have gone through I have come through this…
toddler holding assorted-color Crayola lot

Tech Savvy Toddlers

I see so many videos of toddlers watching content on the TV or the phone. They don’t just watch the said content with rapt attention…
brown tiger cub on green field

Watching Them Grow Up

This post might seem strange coming from the father of a kid who is barely two. But I don’t have to wait for my son…