While the original plan was to visit a couple of places in Kamshet we ended up spending most of the day at Bedse caves. The caves are a short 450 step climb away. So, after parking our car at the base we had a home cooked meal at a nice homestay before heading up. It’s the closest one to the caves and if you fancy a stay, I recommend this place which also has its own swimming pool.

The Homestay

This was the first time my 2.5-year-old would attempt a climb of any significant height and I was dreading an outcome where I would have to carry him from time to time. He aced his first attempt and in what was a bit of an embarrassment for us my senior mom and son together made their way to the top without pause, while me and my wife had to take a few breaks as we huffed and puffed our way to the top.

There is something about those simple Buddhist structures that exude waves of peace. There were not too many visitors, so we were afforded some measure of silence as I pondered how so many centuries ago craftsmen managed to carve out these expansive spaces and intricate patterns out of monolithic rocks.

Amidst all these beautiful forms, function was never forgotten. The caves are designed to maximize the utility of natural light while remaining cool on the inside. There was even a hole which provided access to drinking water.

Whenever I stand among places like this, I begin to imagine what it would feel like to have breathed and lived in an age like that.

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