Bandersnatch the interactive episode was the last Black Mirror content that was released before this season. While it was an interesting experiment, it never felt like a true Black Mirror episode to me. So I was excited about the new season and looking forward to more of what I call tech dystopia.

Striking Vipers

The first episode “Striking Vipers” did not disappoint. Its a bold and unexpected exploration of what infidelity could actually mean in the future. Its also a great example of how deep the divide between emotional love and physical lust can be. This episode felt like classic Black Mirror, which means it gives you plenty to think about once the credits have rolled.


This was a somewhat middling episode that started out interesting. The presence of a star cast that includes Topher Grace and Andrew Scott of Sherlock fame lends some weight to the episode. By the end of it all however the end episode goes nowhere interesting and the motivation of the central character seems weak at best.  An episode that never says anything meaningful. So while the performances are quite good, it leads to a very ordinary end.

Rachel, Jack, and Ashley, Too

The presence of Miley Cyrus added nothing of value to this episode for me. I felt like I was watching a teen pop star comedy movie of some kind. What should have at least been a strong end to the season instead left me with the feeling that shows creators have finally begun to run out of ideas.

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