Dreams are one of life’s most important biological phenomenon. I am here, not referring to the metaphorical dreams like “I want to be a millionaire someday”. I am talking about the ones that come to you only in your sleep. Though they may sometimes be influenced by your state of mind they are often quite nonsensical, sometimes scary, sometimes erotic, sometimes causing boundless happiness and sometimes an incredible mashup of all the above.

The characters in these dreams, often but not always are familiar to us. They are picked from our own lives. The fun part though is the selection makes no favors to who gets chosen for us. They are sometimes those we have not met for years. I find it remarkable that the dream generator chooses to pick people from oldest recesses of our memory. Its like being forced to go on adventure with a person whether you wanted to or not.

I was thinking about this because we are no longer actually free to meet up with people. Not because some law forbids us. Because we are afraid to catch the virus or unwittingly give it to someone else.

Dream guests are the perfect kind of guests in these times. They are welcome not matter how long we have been out of touch, they do not overstay their welcome, and they present no risk of viral transmission. They only exist in your very own dream quarantine bubble.

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