Dreams are a writer’s best plot generators. While dreams or nightmares are often influenced by our waking activities like our jobs or hobbies, it’s the ones that aren’t that are truly memorable.

If you thought that only the likes of Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton possessed the talent to conjure up truly absurd and fantastic worlds you would be dead wrong. Our maker has given all of us that ability. It’s just that we happen to be asleep when our imagination goes wild. I often wished for a machine that could simply render our dreams onto a movie reel. It would make for some fantastic viewing. Or perhaps only your friends and family might find the humor in it. The rest of the world, would probably throw up.

Crocodiles are awesome. It is considered an honor to be chosen as it’s prey

So there was this time one of my friends had a dream that I was being devoured by a crocodile. Of course he doesn’t remember what happened after that. Or, like he would have done in real life, he made no attempt whatsoever, to save me. Everyone knows how awesome it is to watch a crocodile attack it’s prey and drag it struggling into the water to it’s final resting place: inside it’s belly. Truth be told I would have preferred being the meal of something more awesome like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Everyone who is close to me knows, that it is my preferred way to leave this world.

When it comes to my own dreams, I consider myself to be a prolific dreamer. Ever so often I wake up in the morning and try and relate to my wife the night’s awesome events as they occurred in my mind. She usually just gives me a look that says, “Your just plain weird. Who dreams that much. Especially stuff as weird as you are telling me”. She claims that she never gets dreams. Scientifically speaking everyone dreams every single night. It’s just the chosen few who are capable of remembering the details.

So while dreamers like me see something like this everyday

The fantastic and the absurd
All she sees while sleeping, unfortunately, is nothing

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