When you're from India, seeing beggars on random streets and at traffic lights becomes a common sight. Over time, you start to become almost blind to this reality, or perhaps numb, which is sad but true. Back home, it's an everyday occurrence, and you come to assume that you won't see much of this in the West. Maybe that's true when you're on a trip or vacation, but living in a Western country for a while changes your perspective.

Of course, it's much rarer here than it is back home, but it exists nonetheless. Today, as I stood on my balcony, I noticed an old man rummaging through large garbage bins, searching for something. After a while, I saw him moving along the path, pushing a stroller. It seemed like he had found the stroller near a garbage bin and was using it to collect the items he had gathered.

This moment made me realize something very important: poverty and the sight of those who rummage for necessities is a global issue. While he wasn't exactly a beggar in the traditional sense, he was still someone who had to dig through refuse to get by. It shows that no matter where you are in the world, the struggles of the less fortunate are a stark reality of life everywhere

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