I was tossing and turning all night. But this time, it wasn’t for personal reasons. It was because of something that was happening thousands of miles away. I used to think after the two world wars human beings had evolved beyond barbarism and animalistic behavior. With the recent wars and a general breakdown of secularism that seems to be pervading my own country I feel defeated in trying to make sense of the world. It feels selfish for me to say this because I am not even at ground zero where people are actually living through these nightmares.

But I can't help but think. What is the thought process that drives people to do such things. Isn't peace one of the most joyous aspects of life. To wake up everyday to experience the incredible things that nature and by essence humanity has managed to create over centuries. I look at little children and their expressions and what is the feeling they most often evoke. You smile and marvel at their innocence. As we grow up with greater understanding also comes the loss of our ability to simply enjoy the little things. But do we truly understand better. If we did, would these things happen?

Do what makes you happy. Buy that latest gadget if you need to. Walk in nature. Fall in love. Raise a child. Help the less privileged. Watch a movie. Sing and dance your heart out. Work 4 hours a week, work 40 hrs or a 100. Whatever works for you. Or simply stop and smell the roses. Do what you need to do to evoke joy within yourself. Spread the joy if you can. But don't do it at the expense of your own humanity. Think of the consequences of what you do. If one person can convince just one other person to do the right thing. The world would automatically become a better place.

Humanity can be fixed one broken human being at a time.

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