I was sitting somewhere around my 5 year old as he was playing with his toys. He suddenly looked away from his toys and said to me. "Dada I like everything". I stopped what I was doing and asked him what he meant by that. He looked with a smile at me and said "Everything". My wife who was nearby had also begun to listen in. She said to him "That's nice baby, but what exactly do you mean by everything"

He said "I like my toys. I like my room. I like my school. I like my friends. I like the things outside my house." Both me and wife smiled broadly. What would adults give to always be in this state of life as often as they could. We are so caught up with our lives that we often don't stop to appreciate everything that contributes to make our life likable.

One of our primary responsibilities as parents is to teach our kids the lessons that will help them live their best lives. Sometimes though they have their own valuable lessons to teach us. Lessons we forgot as we grew into adulthood. The lesson that day was perhaps the most important one. Acknowledging everything that brings a smile to our faces.

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