It’s been a strange and challenging time for all of us. There have been the predictable outcomes like struggles with access to basics, the trauma faced by the underprivileged and a general sense of depression that has begun to pervade our lives. There have also been some delightful surprises as well.

The quietness on the street outside my window is incredible. This is exactly the way I felt the first time that I visited Switzerland. I truly learnt what the phrase pin drop silence means. It’s the kind of silence many people outside of our country take for granted. This image is from my trip to Switzerland more than a decade ago

Wildlife is venturing out into urban areas. I saw a video of deer spotted on the streets somewhere in North India and felt truly surreal. While I didn’t experience something quite so dramatic the cries of the birds have amplified. Parrots have begun to appear quite frequently in the trees near my balcony

My son who demanded to go out of the house at least thrice a day somehow adjusted to this new reality of the house being his only playground within just a day. I was genuinely surprised to see this. I have been crankier than him about not being able to go out.

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