I have never played the League of Legends game before: the universe in which this show is set.  That didn't diminish my enjoyment of this stellar show with a unique artistic style. The action is gritty and raw and the story which started a little slow and confounding finally took it to some interesting places by the end of the season. A great setup that I eagerly look forward to explore more of.

Squid Game

Squid Game was not just the most hyped show of the year. It was genuinely good. Once you accept the premise it really manages to suck you in. The twists and turns and character development are brought together with a stellar cast. When you begin to root for characters you know they have done it well. Also probably the most meme worthy show of the year.

Never Ever Have I Ever

Proving that the first season of this comedy was no fluke, this sitcom revolving around the travails of an immigrant teen girl navigating her life in a modern America works on so many levels. It's a premise that goes deeper than it initially sounds. The other awesome thing about the show is their choice of songs. A great sophomore season.

Only Murders In The Building

This one is for all the podcast lovers out there. A true crime has occurred and an unlikely trio of true-crime podcast lovers get thrown together in circumstances that quickly begin to spiral out of their control.  I never thought the generationally different cast of veterans like Steve Martin and Martin Short would work together well with Selena Gomez. But they managed to pull of a show that is equal parts satire and true crime with a lot of laughs along the way.

Mare of Eastown

It had been a while since I saw a series revolving around small town murders. This limited series starring Kate Winslet in a career defining performance stands out because of it's incredible plotting, characters and a sense of place. The central mystery has so many layers that start getting peeled away in manner that will keep you hooked right until the end. Everytime I thought that there was nothing more to learn about it's characters a bombshell dropped and I felt a sense of awe like I haven't felt in a long time.


As with Squid Game, Hellbound another South Korean series is based of an absurd premise. An individual recieves a summons of sorts that tells them they are going to die. Then a trio of supernatural monsters from another realm burn you to a crisp and dissappear into the void. What I have realised now about South Korean filmkaking ever since I saw Oldboy is that they have learned to turn these seemingly weird premises into absolute gold. They are merely anchors to reveal the deep seated issues of society like class, poverty and fine line between what we consider good and evil.

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