Store Links: iOS/Android

Developer: June Gaming

Publisher: Tango/Titan Inc

Role: Game Designer

  • Tower Conquest is a 2D tower defense style game originally created by Tango Austin.
  • June Gaming took over the game at a time when revenues were on the decline.
  • The game had great initial retention but further retention rates were dropping dramatically.
  • My first job was to work on both these metrics.
  • Since taking over the game we first introduced offers into the game. This was completely server driven and helped arrest the falling revenues in the game.
  • Subsequently we saw a consistent improvement of 30% in the revenues of the game.
  • Offers are analyzed week to week and tweaked and improved upon to be more appealing to the player.
  • I also worked on created an entirely new feature called daily challenges that tasked the player with battles not encountered in the campaign.