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Venture into the world of Tower Conquest in your search for eternal glory! Recruit and evolve the perfect army to destroy opposing towers. Explore endless worlds and defeat enemies to earn treasure, increase your strength, and dominate the Player Leagues! Game Features: ● Five separate factions com…

Developer: June Gaming
Publisher: Tango/Titan Inc

Role: Game Designer

  • Tower Conquest is a 2D tower defense style game originally created by Tango Austin.
  • June Gaming took over the game at a time when revenues were on the decline.
    The game had great initial retention but further retention rates were dropping dramatically. My first job was to work on both these metrics.
  • Since taking over the game we first introduced offers into the game. This was completely server driven and helped arrest the falling revenues in the game.
    Subsequently we saw a consistent improvement of 30% in the revenues of the game.
  • Offers are analyzed week to week and tweaked and improved upon to be more appealing to the player.
  • I also worked on created an entirely new feature called daily challenges that tasked the player with battles not encountered in the campaign.