As the lockdown stretches on interminably I have tried to stay sane through all of this. It’s been tough but one of the ways me and my wife have been reliving our travels is remembering the small moments that made those trips so special.

When we travel to a particular destination our primary purpose is to go see those landmarks for which we chose that particular place. While we enjoy seeing those landmarks, when we reminisce about the trip it’s often the small moments that evoke the strongest feelings. The things that often bring a smile to our faces were completely unexpected occurrences.

It’s been a fun and pleasurable exercise for us thinking about all of those moments from our trips. These memories are not triggered by seeing a photo from the trip, they just come to us spontaneously.

It’s sometimes a tiny little place where we ate something special. A place where we stood together and enjoyed the silence. An unforgettable conversation with someone new. Sometimes it’s the hustle of travel as well, when we were trying to get somewhere on time. Sometimes it’s when we lost the way and discovered the unexpected.

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