This post might seem strange coming from the father of a kid who is barely two. But I don’t have to wait for my son to grow up in order to predict what is to come. He is at an incredibly adorable age when even his tantrums can seem endearing. For better or worse he is completely dependent on his parents for everything. At this age this is what we crave for. The fact that you can be there for them no matter what. When he says something new or performs a new kind of activity, you are there to appreciate and cheer him on.

You are also the one he runs to when lightning and thunder scare him and he just needs to bury his face in your chest to assuage his fears. It’s an incredible feeling that only a parent will ever experience and understand. The love one has for a child is matched by nothing else. Neither your spouse nor your own parents. We constantly strive to protect them from the ugliness of the world.

At the same time we also have long term goals for them. While some may have specific dreams for their children, it all boils down to a few basic things. They must evolve into independent and honest human beings. Everything else that happens in life is determined by them.

As much pride as I feel when he says something new or does something significant, some part of my heart also sinks. I realize that he is taking baby steps towards becoming an adult with independent thoughts. A day will come when he will no more be dependent on me. I won’t be the one he will turns to when he is afraid.

But accepting the current reality and what is to come is best way to be a parent. All I hope for is to build a relationship with him that makes him feel comfortable enough to talk to me when he needs someone to talk to in adulthood.

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