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Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Out of Mail

Sep 3rd, 2002 Dear Arpita, I know I keep asking you the same question, but doesn’t every mail start this way anyways?

29 Mar
Photo by Matt Artz

A Cut in Time

Twenty years since I last came here. When the cost of a haircut was in the single digits. The salon had been uprooted from

22 Mar


I had heard a little bit about 1917. It was a war movie and on the technical side created to appear like one continuous shot.

19 Jan

A Plague Tale: Innocence

One of the things I wanted to do in the new year was write a little bit about every game that I manage to complete this year.

06 Jan

Post Office Blues

I had stopped at signal at a place I don’t usually pass through. Maybe it was a slow Sunday or I was just in a frame of

28 Dec

Escaping The City

I’m returning from a weekend trip out of the city. The air has begun to lose it’s freshness. I begin to wonder. When we think

28 Dec
Photo by Alexander Maasch

Swiss Food

Having Switzerland be the first destination outside the country that I went to was a scary proposition. It was the year 2008.

28 Dec
Photo by Filip Kominik


It was a strange world she was in. A world imbued with the strangest hues and flora of the strangest design. Yet there was a

27 Dec

The Office

The Office was one of those shows that I heard a lot of my colleagues talking about over the years, but one that I never got

27 Dec